Vintage Goods: 1 Luv x E-40

A discussion came up a few days ago regarding E-40, which inspired this post.  As a Bay Area, California native, I remember the music of the mid to late 90s vividly.  The Bay Area at that time had a way of supporting its artists to the point that they didn’t need to venture outside of the Bay and try to sync up with what people everywhere else were doing as much.  We had our own unique sound totally different than even what was coming out of LA at the time.  

When I moved to DC, I was surprised to hear that people out here were up on Bay Area rappers.  E-40 specifically is an acquired taste and if you’re not from the Bay, I don’t expect you to understand why we liked him.  Once he started getting down with the youngins and their “hyphy” movement, I could no longer get down as much, but 40 Water paved the way for a lot of Bay Area MCs and showed that you can be successful serving the home turf and staying true to yourself.  Service the home base first and foremost.

“1-Luv” was a heartfelt, yet upbeat joint featuring singer Levitti.  If I could get Levitti to croon these ad libs at my funeral, I can head to the upper room in peace.

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  1. Good lookin on the post, Brick.
    I was bumpin “In A Major Way” last week. I came out to Philly during the peak of West Coast rap and used to hear the E-40 slander, but while folks were slandering, their favorite artists (from all over) wanted him on their tracks. I can respect some of his latest stuff, but that Mobb Music >>>>

    Takes me back.

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