Find A Way :: A Tribe Called Quest [R.I.P. Phife Dawg]


I owe the entire title of this site I’ve been working on for the past seven or so years to a line from Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, so you can imagine that the news hit me hard when I found out Phife had passed. Let this be yet another lesson that we lose our greats too soon, so please appreciate the architects of this culture before it’s too late. Some of these groups need to get back together (looking at you, EPMD…put out a record!) and we need to be willing to support future concerts and other endeavors as hip-hop heads. We love you, Phife. Thanks for these classics.

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[Vintage Goods] Rediscover Me (1981) :: The Main Ingredient

Main Ingredient

Ever since I heard “Rediscover” featuring Blu off of Skyzoo and Torae’s Barrel Brothers project due out next week,  I’ve been obsessed with this unsung old school jam.  In case you weren’t aware, the lead singer of the band during this particular era was Cuba Gooding, Sr., father of actor Cuba Gooding, Jr.  He became the lead after the former lead, Donald McPherson passed away from a battle with leukemia.  You may remember the song from it being sampled in Wale and Rick Ross’ music before the aforementioned Barrel Brothers song, but the original remains a top shelf soul classic.

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[Vintage Goods] One More Chance :: The Notorious B.I.G.


March 9th marks the day we lost one of the greatest MCs of all time.  While young’ins may either not acknowledge his title or just agree out of obligation, this song among many others proves why B.I.G. was so dope.  Biggie was able to make undeniable jams that went from the streets to the radio to the clubs effortlessly, without sacrificing an iota of artistry.  Part of this is of course due to Puffy’s guidance and creative direction (like it or not) but many artists could stand to learn from Biggie’s ability to appeal both as a likeable, humorous MC on tracks like this and as a threatening menace on other tracks.  There’s just no denying Big’s mastery of the game, from his ability to market himself to the mainstream down to his ability to hold it down as a formidable MC in a freestyle situation.  Rest in power to Christopher Wallace.

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